• Program for Accompanying persons

    Monday, November 28
    09:00 h. Visit to the Temple or Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas, where the Main Altar holds the Sacred Image of the Lord of Miracles. This holy figure has its origins in this ancient representation of Christ on the Cross, painted on the wall of what used to be a shed where former African slaves gathered in 17th century Lima.
    Visit to the Museum of the Lord of Miracles, an enriching journey through the history of one of the oldest and largest religious traditions of the city of Lima and Latin America.
    13:00 h. Lunch on the Terrace of Los Delfines Hotel, offered by Bühler
    15:30 h. Visit to the Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum: it offers a modern approach to the display of pre- Hispanic textiles, under modern exhibition and conservation conditions.
    Visit to the Indigo Showroom and Store, where paintings, engravings, utilitarian art, sculptures, accessories and more, from hundreds of Peruvian artists, are gathered in one place.
    20:00 h. Dinner at the restaurant La Huaca Pucllana, offered by Cargill
    Tuesday, November 29
    9:30 h. Shopping. Visit to the Indian Market of Miraflores, a shopping arcade of Peruvian handcrafts.
    12:15 h. Photograph of all participants and companions who attended ALIM 2022, in front of the garden of Los Delfines Hotel
    13:30 h. Lunch at Chifa Hou Wha, in Miraflores
    15:30 h. Free afternoon
    20:00 h. Cocktail Buffet at Casa Hoross, Barranco, offered by Seaboard Overseas
    Wednesday, November 30
    Morning Free
    13:00 h. Lunch at CALA restaurant, offered by ALIM and the Wheat Mills Committee of the National Society of Industries
    Costa Verde circuit, Barranco

ALIM 2022